Speech Opportunity & Strategic Cooperation
Sandy Chen | Head of Content

Mobile: 18202146086

Email: Sandy.chen@aibmf.com

Registration & Sponsor
Roger Zhao | Project Director

Mobile: 18516078777

Email: Roger.zhao@aibmf.com

Media Cooperation
Michelle Ge | Marketing Manager

Mobile: 13917801410

Email: Michelle.ge@aibmf.com


Organizer : Prophet Culture

E-mail: info@aibmf.com

Tel: +86(0)21 62226770

Add: 11th floor, JiatTing Building, JiaDing District, Shanghai

The Organizer

Prophet Culture is a professional events organizer focusing on AI Marketing. We are committed to creating a connection platform between global brands and advanced Martech companies. The global brands participating in our events are come from FMCG, automotive, medical and other industries .

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Wechat Media