We want to do some meaningful things for China brand.

Down to earth, believe the future.

Every business has a vision. But to climb a mountain, one has to take long steps to reach a point. To reach a certain height, an enterprise also needs to have enough accumulation. The process of accumulation is the process of brand building. In China, ”time-honored brand " is the glory that many enterprises to seek. China has thousands of years history, but the real "hundred year" enterprises are very few. There are many reasons, but the most important is that the brand has not stood the test of the times. People seem to believe in broad and quick ways to make money, while ignoring the fact that small but excellent products, high-quality brands can bring long-term and sustainable profits. Therefore, the domestic enterprise brand is difficult to compare with the international, the public also failed to have a good understanding of the domestic brand. We hope to tell the story of Chinese marketers behind the brand through "I am a Chinese marketer" series of short films, so that the public can feel the temperature behind the brand, and also hope to rebuild the brand awareness of the enterprise, and achieve more China brands. We want to do some meaningful things for China brand.

We will invite the marketers behind 5 new brands and 5 classic brands in China to complete this series of short films, telling the story of marketers and China brands. There will also be a special to thank the supporters who helped us complete “I am a marketer”.

If you are the marketer behind the brand we are looking for, please tell us quickly!

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"I'm a Marketer" project leader


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