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The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia(NPC) ,has changed people's lifestyle and consumption habits, online consumption has been further accelerated. The FMCG industry has suffered different effects from the outbreak, which has also promoted the digital marketing transformation of enterprise. Meanwhile, China is moving into a later-internet era, the dividend of Internet traffic was close to the peak. During the after NPC and the later internet era,deep ploughing stock, activating private traffic, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) management has become the main means for brand owners to gain growth.

AiBMF 2020 FMCG Session, will bring you the wonderful content and ultimate experience. Gather the world's excellent FMCG brand owners, marketing technology, artificial intelligence companies, industry media, etc., and jointly discuss the marketing focus and growth path of brands in the later internet era.

Our aim is "Connection". Connect ideas, technologies, resources and contacts, so that connections can generate more connections, achieve each other, promote industries and create a better social environment.


AiBMF · Attendees

AiBMF attendees are the promoters who influence the development and success of brand marketing, and the future prospect of global brand marketing.

They come from FMCG brands, marketing technology service providers, artificial intelligence companies, advertising agencies, data analytics, associations, media and much more.

Titles:CMO|CGO|CXO|CEO|CIO|CTO|CBO|COO|CSO|Head of E-commerce |Integrated Marketing|Head of CRM|Head Data Analytics|Product|Branding|Marketing|Content & Creative

Solution Providers Categories:Mobile|Programmatic|Search & Social|AI|DSP|Trading Platform/Tech|Big AD Platform Audience Data|Predictive Analytics|DMP|Data Visualization|Mobile Analytics|Effect Monitor|Marketing Automation|SEO|Email Marketing|Video Marketing|Applet|Content Distribution|Digital Monitoring|ABM Target Customer Marketing|Marketing Cloud|CRM(SCRM)|e-Commerce /Retail Marketing



Organizer : Prophet Culture

E-mail: info@aibmf.com

Tel: +86(0)21 62226770

Add: 11th floor, JiatTing Building, JiaDing District, Shanghai

The Organizer

Prophet Culture is a professional events organizer focusing on AI Marketing. We are committed to creating a connection platform between global brands and advanced Martech companies. The global brands participating in our events are come from FMCG, automotive, medical and other industries .

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